How To Outline A Murder Mystery

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Murder mysteries are pretty popular right now, and writing one isn’t as complicated as people might think. But whether you are writing one for your own enjoyment, seeking to get published, or just writing a set of murder mystery plays in cape coral. They have a certain set of rules that must be followed.

First, the setting often determines the story, where the environment can determine things like the locations in the book, the style of dress and the occupations of the characters, and even the hazards that the protagonist gets into. So, take some time to determine whether you will have your mystery set in the distant past or back in the future.

Then, outline a basic plot. This outline can and will be changed throughout the course of the story, and is more of a barebones structure to help you understand what the events of the story are and how they will change. The plot needs to give a setup, then the murder, and then any problems the protagonist sees as they go through the story.

Once you have that, then make a chapter by chapter outline. This is where you can start coming up with brief characters and their motives. For example, in chapter four you could write. “The detective goes to investigate the dead man’s home, but is turned away by a family member for reasons unknown.” With that one sentence, you have two characters, a source of conflict, and tension in the chapter.

As you continue outlining, eventually characters will start coming to light, and you’ll start asking yourself more and more questions about the novel. All those questions about characters, plots, motives, and such are all going to help you in creating your story. Soon the entire book might even start writing itself!