How to Have an Efficient Pizza Delivery Service

Pizza delivery is really hit or miss for most people, and the service is either very great or leaves much to be desired. If you are running a pizzeria, then how do you ensure that your pizza pies are delivered correctly to your customers?

First, have expectations and stick to them. Promising pizza delivered in 30 minutes and then regularly delivering after 45 minutes can be really annoying and can have you lose business. Before you make a sweeping declaration and put standards on your pizza delivery, take some time to figure out where your customers are located and ensure that they know what to expect.

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The problem isn’t the long waits for pizza when someone searches for pizza places that deliver near me. It’s expecting a shorter wait and getting a long one instead. So be upfront with your customers and you’ll find them very understanding. Also, be sure to check every order at least twice, because having to return to the restaurant to fix a mistake wastes everyone’s time and money.

So, have your delivery forces double check orders for accuracy, even if it takes a few extra seconds. Extra time where the problem can be fixed is better than being faced with the embarrassment of a wrong order at your customer’s doorstep.

Also, be sure to train safety on the road and at the customer’s homes. While speed is important the drivers should always stay well within the law at all times. A traffic jam or a few more red lights isn’t anything a driver can control, and trying to control it can lead to more delays.

In addition, your drivers should never go into someone’s home and should drop off any deliveries to businesses and hotels in the lobby. All these tips and tricks will ensure that your delivery service is efficient and cost-effective.